We were recently invited to the debut of Sapphire’s Chef Series beginning with Jesse Newmister of Kaizen. We’re big fans of Kaizen as you will know if you follow our instagram, and of course, Sapphire is one of our go-to spots for a well crafted cocktail (and food as well!). So this was a great opportunity.

Before we get into the dinner experience, we have to let you know that on August 30th, Sapphire’s next Chef dinner is coming up with Jeffrey Dealjandro from Olibea taking over the menu and none other than PostModern Spirits will be the beverage pairings! Bar Manager Pat Joyce is working on cocktail pairings for each of Jeff’s courses. 

Now on to Jesse’s night at Sapphire. We arrived a little early and had a delicious Frosé which is a summer must have. And Pat then presented his greeter cocktail for the evening. 

Sapphire Knoxville Jesse Newmister Dinner

Pat Joyce's Cocktail As the food started arriving, each course was accompanied by a wine from the portfolio of Treasury Estates. 

As the food started arriving, each course was accompanied by a wine from the portfolio of Treasury Estates. 

Sapphire Knoxville Wine Dinner

Pat Joyce bar manager cocktail

scallop crudo sapphire knoxville kaizen

Scallop Crudo
Fresh lime, papaya pickles, edible flowers
Pairing: Beringer Rose

Treasure Estates Wine

Jesse Newmister Kaizen at Sapphire Knoxville

Chilled Kimchi Soup
Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, herbs
Pairing: Luminous Napa Chardonnay

dan dan noodles knoxville kaizen

Warm Foie Gras Dandan Noodles
Long noodles, foie gras, Chinese sausage, black vinegar, chili oil
Pairing: Penfolds Max’s Cabernet

When this man offers you bourbon… you’re in for a treat! Thanks Doc!

Lamb Belly Knoxville wine dinner

Seared Lamb Belly
Puree of mushrooms and preserved black beans, shaved jicama
Pairing: Etude Pinot Noir

Gorgonzola Dolce
Dates, lychees, lemon confiture, date syrup
Pairing: Stags’ Leap Petite Sirah

dessert jesse newmister sapphire knoxville

Chocolate-Ginger Custard
Roasted beet puree, coconut whipped cream
Pairing: Penfold’s Tawny Port

A truly memorable dinner from the talented folks at Kaizen and Sapphire! Can’t wait for the Olibea/PostModern Spirits dinner August 30th! Here’s a few more scenes from the night!

Doc Cooper and Jesse Newmister