Every year, the Kentucky Derby and Cinco De Mayo occur very close together and since it’d been a few months since we had a group over and we needed our entertaining fix, we decided to invite about 12 people over for a little celebration and watch the Derby. Food, of course, would be a focus. I completely forgot to take a photos of our beverages, but will include those recipes as well. In addition to the game, we dropped the names of all the horses into a hat and for $1 each, we allowed people to pull out a name and that was their horse and they received the pot (of cash!) when their horse won. I will add more recipes in the coming days so it’s not so overwhelming. But first, here was the menu:

I will link the recipes from here as they go up. But here’s a preview:

Derby Sanchez 5-3-14-2341 Derby Sanchez 5-3-14-2344 Derby Sanchez 5-3-14-2308 Derby Sanchez 5-3-14-2356 Derby Sanchez 5-3-14-2352

And the Winner is...

And the Winner is…

photo 2

photo 1