OK, OK, this is supposed to be about our wedding preparation, I know. But we’ve had an exceptional week cooking some lovely goodies (the best was an arugula pesto pizza) but I wanted to share a recipe from my childhood.

Rhubarb Cobbler…Just like Mamma made.

Mamma’s Rhubarb Cobbler
(BTW – use this with any fruit…but you may have to cut down on the sugar)

2 C of cooked fruit (we started with about 3C of rhubarb and 1 C of strawberries)
1-1/2 C of Sugar
1 C Self Rising Flour
1 C Milk
1/2 C of Melted Butter

Pre-head oven to 350°

Cook your fruit with just a touch of water over medium high along with 1/2 C of sugar (more or less to taste). Until it reaches your desired consistency. I have texture issues so I like mine cooked pretty smooth).

While that’s cooking, mix 1 C Sugar, Milk, and Flour. Add in melted Butter. Pour fruit into a baking dish. Then pour fruit on top. Swirl it just a bit with a spoon. Top with some sprinkles of sugar to give it a bit of crunch.

Cook that sucker… until it’s done… Until the top is golden and crunchy. Take it out and be patient. It needs to rest a bit (this is the hardest part). 10 Minutes at least. Then you can dig in. Repeat after me, “YUM!”