While we are suffering through brutal humidity here in Tennessee, I thought I’d spend a little time updating our blog functionality. If you notice, the lefthand column has a few new additions (scroll all the way to the bottom if you’re on a mobile device). We’ve added a registry, a countdown and a couple new vendors that we’re excited to work with.

In addition to her school, wife-elect is in high gear dreaming about dresses. (Granny D is also in on the action!).

Our dogs are stressing us out and we’ve just about given up hope that the 3 of our kids are going to be able to co-exist in the same house. We’re heartbroken about it, but it looks like we may have to give Bernie or Basil to a loving home. We will have some pretty stiff criteria though! And will need visitation rights. We’ve had one of the best behaviorist in the area visit with us and it’s just not working. It’s very sad for us.