About 6 weeks ago, we embarked on a “fooducational” weekend in Atlanta at their Food and Wine Festival. There was a lot of excitement building up for this weekend because we knew we were going to have a ball but we had no idea how many new things we would learn and experience. Here’s the wrap up of the whole weekend.


Every festival we have been to seems to have a different theme. Atlanta’s festival is all about education. Seminars on food, wine, spirits, even tablescapes were available all day for us to partake. We got a little overwhelmed but managed to make some new friends and have a lot of fun.

The guys from Cure and Cane & Table in New Orleans took us on a progressive happy hour tour with cocktails from low to high ABV. We were introduced to the Madeira and Tonic, a proper Pimms Cup and a Sazerac, the New Orleans staple. Ryan Gannon let us know that people use happy hour as a transition period from day to evening and a progression of cocktails is just the thing to shake off the work day.

We had an early day amaro tasting (probably against our better judgement) with Jayce McConnell of Edmund’s Oast in Charleston, SC. This turned out to be a wonderful introduction into the Italian aperitif. We tasted six of them and two were American amari.

Our favorite line from the weekend came from pal Travis Milton as he described the Appalachian palate. “Salt, Vinegar & Liquor” brought us into the food related sessions where he would discuss the history and art of the apple stack cake. There was talk about Appalachian cuisine and how it was born out of convenience using native and easily cultivated ingredients. We were served his version of the apple stack cake: he used each of his family recipes for one layer to create a stunning version of what I only learned of 13 years ago after moving to East Tennessee. Mr. Knoxfoodie grew up with the stack cake and thinks that Travis’s wins over all he’s ever had. 

Tasting Tents

Atlanta Food and Wine isn’t all learning and no play. The tasting tents provided lots of options to eat and drink each night of the festival. Some of our favorite bites and sips:  Cold Fashioned from Nelson’s Greenbrier Distilling, Nashville Hot Quail from Hattie B’s, Smoked Bologna Sliders from Southern Soul Barbeque in St. Simon’s Island, Creature Comforts Beer and Goo Goo Clusters

Late Night Shenanigans

We were fortunate to get an invite to a late night party where Chefs Katie Button, Steven Satterfield and Josh Hopkins were cooking out on the lawn at Empire State South. We were served up sliders, grilled cheese sandwiches, low country boil and great conversations with friends new and old. Side note: if you’re looking for a great way to beat the heat in Atlanta visit ESS. They have adult slushies that will knock your socks off!

We had a few slushies from Empire State South including a Pimms Cup and a Sherry Cobbler. Both were so fun and delicious!

We had too much fun at Atlanta Food and Wine this year. We also managed to eat and drink all of the things. Thanks Atlanta Food and Wine! We’re already planning for next year!