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Most of you know that we don’t often promote products that aren’t local. We love being able to source our food from farms and shops In the area. Seafood is not one of those things “local” to East Tennessee. Earlier this year, we were contacted by Sitka Salmon Shares. Their mission was simple: try their fish, tell our friends and followers. We were intrigued but wanted to make sure their offerings were high enough quality for us to do that with.

We were blown away! Sitka Salmon Shares is a company that works with small fisheries in Alaska to bring the best seafood to the masses. These fishermen use only sustainable, line catching methods to procure their products. No farms here! Doing this ensures support of the local economy in Alaska and that we get the best tasting product out there.

Over four months we received pounds of salmon, halibut, and cod. Our favorites were the Keta salmon (which we marinated in coconut aminos, garlic, ginger and Olde Virden’s Spicy Verde) and sea bass (grilled with crispy roasted potatoes and buttery sauteed snap peas). 

How could we forget the halibut burgers! Sitka Salmon Shares sent us a package of halibut burger meat and we added salt, pepper, spices and an egg to make some delicious burgers. Such a fun take on a fish sandwich!

We had a lot of fun working with Sitka Salmon Shares over the summer and we’d like for you to share in that fun. Now through Midnight tonight you can take advantage of Early Bird pricing for their Premium Share in 2020. This gives you 9 months of sustainable, line caught seafood. These small boat fisheries are able to better plan their fishing season with the help of these early subscriptions. You can also get $60 off your Premium Seafood Share using the code: KFEB

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