Cured meat and mostarda

Our board of cured meat and Mostardo along with a healthy pour of Rare Eagle.

We had the pleasure of meeting with Dustin Busby of Welsummer Brand recently at his Greenback, Tennessee headquarters. Chef Busby, a Blackberry Farm alum, and founder of Century Harvest Farms started his Welsummer Brand of artisan preserved foods including cured meat, pickles, and jams. Sourcing his meat, vegetables, and ingredients from the regions finest farmers, Busby offers an impressive array of flavor-packed goods. We placed an order online and chose to pick up at the farm (inexpensive shipping is also available, but an excuse to drive to the beautiful farm on a sunny spring afternoon didn’t take a lot of arm-pulling). In addition to our order, Dustin was kind enough to let us sample some of his newest products as well.


Getting a peek into the curing chamber at Welsummer was all it took to get us hooked… then we got home and tasted the delicious offerings. We cut into each of the cured sausages and they felt just right. Dry, but with a spongy moisture to deliver the perfect mouthfeel. Well-cured and cared for salumi is tangy with just a little bit of funk. Controlled rotting is indeed a magical thing and centuries of evidence shows it is also very good for the human body.


We received a beef salami, smoked chorizo, sweet chorizo and fennel salami: each of which were absolutely perfect! Additionally, we ordered strawberry mostarda, grilled grape jam and sweet onion sorghum jam. We only sampled the Mostarda which was sweet and tangy with hints of spice. Mrs. Knoxfoodie thinks it pairs well with her homemade sourdough bread making a delicious St. Patrick’s Day dinner!


We are already planning our next order of Welsummer’s preserved goods. The Pickled Dilly Beans looked especially appetizing.



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