Years ago, I had the privilege of having Beth Kelly work with some of my dogs that I was having trouble with. And last night Beth’s husband, Walt, came over to help us with our previously mentioned dog problems. I’ve told the story of Beth to many people over the years comparing her to Merlin, David Copperfield, and any number of mystics.


Walt is much the same. After about 35 minutes of speaking with us about the issues we were having and what to expect, we began our journey to the top of the pack. I can’t say enough about how much improvement there was in just a two hour period. It’s going to take a tremendous amount of work on our part, especially over the next 6-8 weeks, which I suspect is the downfall of most people’s training efforts. But if last night was any indication, we are on the right path. If anyone needs an exceptional trainer/behaviorist I unreservedly recommend the Kelly’s.
“Always Win!”-Walt Kelly

Basil – NOT enjoying the heatwave