So funny – Since Mandee and I have been casually talking about our future plans, yesterday she found an image on of a little illustration of the bride and groom that people used as a ‘logo’ on invitations, signs, thank you cards, etc. She said she really liked the idea. In the conversation, I also mentioned that I’d love to have a caricature done sometime. PERFECT timing to set in motion the idea that we should get it done when we see someone drawing them…maybe on Market Square! This is fun!

Last weekend we visited a really neat place that is on the list for a reception party. The Old City Entertainment Venue… which is really a pub/club in the bar district of Knoxville. And aside from missing a step on my way back down, it was a successful visit. The place has character, a good location, the rental is complete with staff. They have a DJ (although we would prefer a live band if we can swing it).

We also spoke of designing a signature drink of the night… a McTini maybe?