Time for a getaway! We got the itch to get out of town for a few days and splurged on a trip to Ocean Riviera Paradise el Beso, an H10 Hotel property in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. This all-inclusive resort is the new sister property of a resort we visited a few years ago and they’ve definitely taken it a step farther here. The long resort goes out of its way to incorporate nature into its landscape right down to highlighting a cenote, underwater cave, right on the property complete with wild animals. 

We’ll make this post mostly photos, because, that’s what you want right?! 

The Property

Ocean Riviera Paradise by H10 Hotels-Playa del Carmen Mexico

The lobby is the first sign that this is going to be an impressive property. It’s simply stunning with giant wicker lights cascading from the ceiling and large wooden carvings. The staff, as with most resorts like this, are at your service 24 hours a day. Whether you need a ride into town, an excursion, or laundry, they are quick to deliver. 

We were pretty hungry after a short night before our flight so we headed straight for the buffet upon arrival as our bags were placed in our room. After being at a number of resorts and cruises, we must say that the food, even on the buffet were a step above. Several nationalities are represented an a very authentic Mexican section drew Mrs. KnoxFoodie to it almost every day. But if you’re an American looking for the familiar, you’ll find plenty to choose from as well. And of course for breakfast, the eggs were like farm eggs. There’s just something about Mexican chicken eggs that are magical. 

We walked in our room and were immediately trying to figure out a way to stay here forever! The spacious, contemporary yet comfortable room was equipped with a Jacuzzi style tub, shower, king size bed, stocked refrigerator, and comfortable seating. But the stunner was walking out the back door directly into a private pool! This was so refreshing after a day at the beach or after a hot walk through Playa Del Carmen. To be able to cool off in a secluded pool off-limits to the other guests was an absolute joy. 

The Food

Playa del Carmen

We spent one day in Playa Del Carmen and found it to be much more enjoyable than the ‘intense’ shopping experience we had in Cozemel earlier in the year. The merchants aren’t as aggressive, much of the street was in shade, and the selection of goods was more diverse. We’d suggest, as we did, get up early before the crowds. There were few people on the streets when we arrived. Beware, when someone walks up to you saying they are your bartender from the hotel and asks you to visit a shop they work at… it’s probably not true. It took us falling for the line twice before we realized they were just observing our wrist bands. After we realized what was happening, we had a good time with it.  


el Fogon

Our main reason for going into Playa was to visit el Fogon that our friends had told us about. It’s a non-descript taqueria serving some of the most delicious Mexican food we’ve ever tasted. Everything cooked at the front of the restaurant on a tiny plancha…. save for the nachos that are heated in… you guessed it, a microwave. 

The rest of our days were filled with sun and sand and drinks. The beach at the resort boasts thatched umbrellas and plenty of chairs to go around. We posted up under one of the umbrellas watching the waves.

The Experience