Bluebird's Biscuits from Forage South

Bluebird’s Biscuits from Forage South

So a favorite bird of Tennessee is the Bluebird…just so happens to be what Chef Brandon Frohne calls his young’un. And now, it’s what he and his wife Lessie call their latest product from Forage South. Bluebird’s Sea Salt+Buttermilk Biscuits. Now, I’m not going to be humble here, I can make a mean biscuit myself and am a bit of a biscuit snob. We were really excited to try these since we’ve been privileged to dine on Chef Frohne’s fine food many times. The packaging for these biscuits is elegant and minimal…just like a fine Southern biscuit should be. Making the biscuits couldn’t be easier. Mix with buttermilk (in my opinion, it should be Cruze Farm real buttermilk). Roll it out, put in a fridge for a bit to get the fat cold and bake 15 minutes. I rolled mine a little too thin and was worried they wouldn’t rise… boy was I wrong! These things rose up beautifully and were perfectly crunchy on the outside, flaky and steamy inside. Truly outstanding biscuits. Forage South now ships their biscuit mix and I can’t think of a better gift for the holidays (If anyone needs my address to ship me a box, just ask!). All you need to do is email them for shipping information. Like I said, I can make a good biscuit, but I may have been beaten at my own game! Can’t wait to make more!