Biscuits1OK – so you know how mom always had these recipes that you just never could get right? Everyone that cooks has this golden chalice. We make it over and over and never can nail it. My mom’s biscuits were mine. Never been a good biscuit-maker…well, more like, just never been able to make them like her. Almost every morning (and I’m serious about that statement), growing up, I had biscuits and gravy. It’s still my favorite breakfast food. I consider myself a biscuit-snob. Now, her biscuits were not the ones that would rise 4 inches tall and be as light as air. No, hers would rise only a bit more than the height she patted them out to and were ever so slightly ‘chewy’.

Everyone that follows us know that we love everything Sean Brock does and I stumbled across his biscuit recipe one day. Made them and BOY WAS IT CLOSE… almost found the unicorn of biscuits!! Almost. So Sunday I decided to try it again. And what I did differently? I didn’t measure anything!! I just went by feel. Soooo… I’ll post Sean Brock’s recipe to get you started. But here’s the thing, work the biscuits a little longer than you think you need to. This gives them a little more bite. And only pat them out a little thinner than you want the finished product. Also, don’t be shy about the butter. This is KEY (next time I’m even going to use some lard…that’s the way mamma did it before lard was brow-beaten into almost obscurity by margarine fans).

I normally try to take better photos than this… I didn’t expect them to be so good, and M was sleeping so I had to be quiet!

Almost Mamma's!

Almost Mamma’s!