Wow – it’s just 7 months!! Almost everything is done (Oh except for our attire!). We have a short trip to Savannah scheduled for the end of next month to put the final touches on a few things. Hopefully Winter will be finished by then. It’s crazy here in TN… storms, wind, snow, spring-like 60° weather, floods… we’ve had it all this winter. But more and more days are warm… I know this because I get more and more days the top can go down on the convertible. You notice these things a lot more when you drive one.

So what’s been happening these last few months? Well, we got our Save the Date cards sent out. So those have links with relevant information like places to stay, agendas, etc. We have a caterer selected and I think we know where our dinner in Savannah will be held. We have a few surprises for the folks attending the ceremony with us. And so far, only a couple headaches have came up. But we’ve dealt with those the best we could. Remember folks, this is OUR wedding, not YOURS. We went to Nashville for a few days and saw the incredible William Shatner. He has a one-man show that he’s taken on the road. It’s basically an autobiographical stand-up. The man is amazing. He didn’t miss a beat during the whole show. So if he comes to your city, be sure to check him out. We had some amazing food at Midtown Cafe while we were there. Carlos Mencia was in Knoxville and we attended his hilarious (but too lengthy) show.

Mandee is well into her new career and loving it. She gets to stick needles into people and who wouldn’t like that! Soon she will get to cut people too. I envy her that!

On the agenda for the next month or so as I mentioned a trip to Savannah and also a few days in Chattanooga to attend Elton John’s concert there (If you’re counting, that’s 26 for me, 3 for Mandee).

Until next time. My best,