Ok guys, this is my first ever blog post and oh boy there’s a lot to share! The engagement on December 10th totally blew me away and I am so happy that I just can’t stand it. I can’t believe that Eric absolutely thought of everything when he was planning the surprise. (see previous posts to understand what I’m talking about). I love him so much!

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for me, I had to spend the next week in all out stress mode participating in my didactic summative evaluation. For those of you that don’t know what that is it is three days of testing that covers 15 months of classroom instruction in a physician assistant program. Total craziness is really what it is! Good for us, everyone survived and we all got to walk in our white coat ceremony to celebrate!

About the white coat ceremony, I am so glad my mom, sister, and best friend Heather were able to attend as well as Eric’s sister, brother-in-law, and cousin. It meant so much to me that everyone wanted to be there to celebrate with me. I walked across the stage at the Tennessee Theater without tripping and then we walked down Gay St. to Sapphire for brunch. Brunch was fabulous but Sapphire was so dead it appeared as though we had rented out the entire space for ourselves. Please consider it when you are making your weekend brunch plans. They have a delicious waffle and biscuit menu in addition to their regular menu. SO GOOD!!!

The weekend came to a fast close with Angel and Heather leaving and mom staying here because the time came to have my pesky thyroid removed. Yesterday morning I went to Fort Sanders Regional and Dr. Zirkle, whom everyone had nothing but wonderful things to say about, removed my over active thyroid in an uncomplicated approximately 50 minute long procedure. I surprisingly felt really good after getting woken up and in my own pajamas then Eric brought me dinner of a cheeseburger, hush puppies, and an eggnog milkshake from Cookout. I know you’re thinking,”this girl just had surgery, right?” and you would be correct, but I was starving and I was not the least bit nauseous so I said politely, “FEED ME!’ 🙂 Finally, after a few Percocet and a couple of visits from super sweet nurses my mom was itching to leave so Eric stayed with me and we watched “The Layover” with Anthony Bourdain…great show. I got to sleep a whole 4 hours then more visits from nurses and eventually Dr. Zirkle telling me I could go home but I had to eat a couple of Tums because my calcium is a little too low. Yes, Tums!

And now, I am home. My mom and Eric are here and I am much more sore today than yesterday but the painkillers and ice are amazing. My mom and I are going to the doc tomorrow to get my staples removed and check the old calcium again then we are headed to the Atl so I cane continue my recovery and celebrate the holidays with the family…Eric will be coming down on Friday ( a.k.a. Not soon enough!).

Merry Christmas!!!!