Just so we have a record of ‘How things were’, President Obama is ending the War in Iraq (finally). The economy is in the tank…literally. After a recession that really began in 2007, we are still trying to recover. Obama refuses to stand his ground. And congress continues to obstruct. As it’s always been.

Andy Rooney died this weekend and my favorite Author, Christopher Hitchens could die any day. The Top songs in America are #1 Adele, “Someone Like You”, Gym Class Heroes “Stereo Hearts”, Maroon 5 “Moves like Jagger”, Foster the People ” Pumped Up Kicks”, Cobra Starship “You Make Me Feel”, David Guetta “Without You”.

Weekend Box Office: Puss In Boots, Tower Heist, Paranormal Activity 3, Footloose 2011 (OK, This will not be a proud time in cinema to look back on)

The Dow: 12,012.19. Apple Stock: $402 • Gas: $3.19 • Average Cost of a New HomeL $204,400 • Unemployment 9.1% • Average price of a new car: $30,000 • Stamps: 44 cents (What’s a stamp?)

A Dozen Eggs: $1.25 • Average Wages: $40.925 • Gold: $1677/oz • Movie Ticket: $8.20 • College Tuition: $7605

Occupy Wall Street movement is happening…for what it’s worth.